Our Leadership

The Atlas Services staff is a diverse group of professionals who each bring a unique perspective and skill set to the company. We are accountants, sales directors, HR managers, retention specialists, and business consultants with decades of real-world experience. We are continually honing our skills with professional development, and work closely as a team to serve our clients.

Brian Williams


With an eye on the bottom line, Brian Williams combines his passion for sales with a dedication to client service. He has a BBA in accounting. In his career he has helped clients grow their businesses with new sales, foster loyalty among existing accounts, and increase customer satisfaction. He helps our clients learn what they need to know to increase sales and keep that growth coming. When Brian is not at work he is putting his enthusiasm to good use as a youth football, basketball, and baseball coach.

Aaron Miksche


With more than 10 years experience in finance, Aaron is focused on helping Atlas clients master their finances so they can do more of what they love. He holds a BS and MS in finance, and takes a hands-on approach to management. He compares his role at Atlas to that of a personal trainer for small business, and he’s always willing to look at new approaches to challenges. Aaron is married with two daughters, age 5 and 3, and he enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing with his family.

Rory Lamberton


Rory Lamberton is the owner of Atlas Services, as well as several other companies in Colorado. As a business owner, he recognized a need for support services to help small and medium-sized businesses with administrative services and compliance. He assembled the Atlas team to help entrepreneurs return to their passion and focus on their businesses. Lamberton has an MBA, is a certified mediator, and has his J.D. He is active in his community, sitting on the boards of several non-profits, homeowners associations, and metropolitan districts.