Can Outsourcing Business Services Benefit your Company?

Outsourcing works to reduce costs, grow revenue, and be first-movers to market.
May 17, 2018
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May 24, 2018


By Tommy Wyher / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: May 1, 2018

Outsourcing routine business tasks may help your company retain revenue. Explore some outsourcing options such as accounting, marketing and

Supporting every business department in-house may be the traditional way of doing business, but it might not be the best way of doing business. Outsourcing can help you retain more revenue and free up your staff to take on other duties. You may want to spend some time analyzing your business processes and finding which areas you may benefit by outsourcing to qualified business support services.

Here are few departments you may consider outsourcing:


Businesses of all sizes often outsource their marketing. Full-time, salaried marketing teams are expensive. Outsourced teams work on your campaigns for an agreed upon contract rate. Contracted marketing teams can especially be beneficial if they specialize in your industry. There are search engine optimization (SEO) companies who have experience in specific fields such as legal, service industries or medical. The relationships these companies already have can potentially garner better results than a marketing company that isn’t specialized. A targeted approach to marketing often produces better results and a company that focuses in your niche industry can give you that.

Content marketers can help you turn stale articles or newsletter topics into useful, effective content. For example, a debt collection agency might not achieve positive results from an article about professional debt collection, but a blog post about “How to Collect Money from Family or Relatives” could be appealing to a broader audience. This is a great example of taking a related topic and making it helpful to more readers with the result of more potential customers becoming aware of your brand.

Human Resources

Outsourcing the human resources department can be a great move. Many businesses are now outsourcing HR, including recruiting, so they can concentrate on producing a better product and caring for their customers rather than Cost.spending time on routine HR administrative tasks. The time that is saved not having to worry about running payroll or making sure the company is compliant with employment laws is extremely beneficial. HR companies also employ skilled recruiters that can help you find good lists of potential hires. Hiring the right people will cut down on employee turnover, which can greatly help recoup training costs.


Staffing an accounting department can be expensive. This department at a small business can be managed by a part-time contracted bookkeeper since updating QuickBooks is not a full-time job. An accounting or bookkeeping service can easily keep a small company’s books while also working with other clients.

Larger Businesses Should Consider the Following:

  • Cost. Obtain a quote from an accounting firm to determine if an in-house team would be more affordable.  If yes, it may be worth keeping the current staff as the company continues to grow.
  • Time. An accounting team can complete work more quickly than one or two persons. Determine if a part-time outsourced team would be more affordable and efficient, than a few full-time employees overall.
  • Growth. Companies that are growing quickly might not have the time or resources to support an in-house team. Outsourcing accounting services work with companies of all sizes so they can easily scale as your business grows.

Customer Service

Customer service is often farmed out by many of the largest companies. Customer service has been outsourced to India, the Philippines and other countries that call centers thrive in. If you are selling a high-end product that requires specialized support, you’ll likely want to keep the customer service in-house so you can train your own support team. If you are providing a simple product or service that is sold in mass quantity, can may benefit from utilizing an outsourced customer support team. If your product and services are relatively straightforward, you can easily provide training instruction to an outsourced team that can affordably provide your customers 24-hour support.


Manufacturing in some countries costs pennies on the dollar compared to doing manufacturing in the United States. However, shipping costs and ethical treatment of workers are also factors to consider. If your shipping costs are too high, you’ll want to consider manufacturing state-side or in your own factory. Bad work conditions, while they often feature low prices, can negatively impact the reputation of your company, which in turn can lose you sales. You’ll benefit from frequently visiting the foreign manufactures you work with to monitor quality and work conditions. If this model makes sense for you, you can greatly increase margin and provide a quality product.

There are numerous reasons to outsource business services. You may not be aware of how affordable services can actually be, or how much time you’ll free up to concentrate on other areas of your business, like increasing revenue. You’ll benefit from shopping around and receiving quotes from numerous competing companies before you make a choice about choosing business services. You’ll also want to reach out to other businesses to learn about their experiences with specific companies to help you pick the best service. They may also be able to give you an idea about your time and cost saving projections. Ultimately, you’ll also want to run the numbers to see what your best option might be.

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