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February 27, 2018
The Ultimate Financial Management Strategy for Tech Startups
March 6, 2018

Many small business owners launch their business to follow a passion, whether that passion is writing, programming, Web design, cooking, construction, or any number of other industries. Your business begins to grow by word-of-mouth and soon, you’re hiring employees or independent contractors to take over part of your responsibilities rather than doing it all yourself.


Somewhere along the line, you grow large enough to hire a small business bookkeeper. Until now, you’ve managed your books yourself, either through QuickBooks or another bookkeeping software, or some system that you’ve devised yourself. Now, you’ve just gotten too big for this system to work anymore.

You hire a bookkeeper who understands financial accounting software and can manage your books on a full-time or part-time basis. This person could be an in-house employee, or maybe a local contractor. Or maybe you’re one of the growing number of smart business owners who hires an outsourced bookkeeper based in the U.S. who works virtually and communicates with you via phone and email.


Things go along well, but now that you’re not doing your own books anymore, you feel a bit out of touch with your company’s broad financial picture. Your bookkeeper can send you the reports and spreadsheets, but it doesn’t always make sense. You need someone to interpret all those numbers in boxes for you. Most importantly, you’ve grown large enough that you need a trusted financial advisor with the knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your rapidly growing business.

If you know anything about financial controllership, you might think a full-time financial controller comes with a 6-figure salary. And you’re probably right. Your business doesn’t have the budget for that — and it’s not what you need anyway.


You just need someone on a part-time basis to review your books with you monthly, provide checks-and-balances for your in-house or outsourced bookkeeper, and help you with financial planning and budgeting on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you think you can’t afford a financial controller, think again. Outsourced controllership services are less expensive than you may think, and will save your business money in the long run with better financial planning.

You may be concerned that, by hiring an outsourced controller, you’ll be giving up “control” of your company. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A financial controller provides you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your company — but all decisions remain yours. A financial controller doesn’t “control” your business. As a trusted advisor, he gives you the information you need to be more in control of your company.


Atlas provides these services to several of our clients.

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