Our Clients

At first, I was concerned that Atlas would be too focused on their other clients and not be able to get our stuff done. I like that Atlas is committed to making things perfect and efficient. Atlas has helped my business achieve its goals and more. The day-to-day bookkeeping tasks don’t get a second thought now. We can focus more on strategy.

Global IT Company


I like the responsiveness I get from Atlas. I have asked for a few things to be done rather last minute and they were completed promptly. Moving certain areas like HR and Finance to Atlas has proved to be very valuable. Atlas also worked with us in developing the back end of the business. Even coming up with metrics to track HR information that help move us along. I get the information I need when I need it, which frees me up to work on the core of what our business is.

Landscape Company


At first I was hesitant in relinquishing control of everything in my company to an outside source. But I am pleased to say that Atlas has given me a great peace of mind knowing that all of my admin is being handled professionally and timely. They take care of all the backend work so I can focus on my business and sales.

Construction Company


For over two years, Atlas Services has helped our company maintain its books. Atlas Services provides us with full cycle bookkeeping services, guidance on HR issues and conducts monthly financial meetings with the partners and administration staff. Our assigned Atlas Services Associate has demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, honesty, clarity and accuracy that are the hallmark of a world-class professional. But what truly distinguishes her performance is her compassion and communication, which add a new dimension to what all companies should strive for in the form of top-tier customer service. The saving of just over 30% from our previous bookkeeper has allowed us to expand our business. I would like to offer my unconditional commendation to Supporting Strategies and testimonial to their outstanding service to our company.

Physician’s Office

Office Administrator

We initially engaged with Atlas Services to streamline many of our administrative functions such as financial budgeting, tracking and reporting but it was the help in the sales and customer service areas that made the biggest impact for me. Working in a rapid growth environment was exciting but I was struggling to keep my finger on the pulse of our customers.  We teamed up with Atlas Services to build a new retention program that was custom tailored to our needs.  We have increased our retention rate by almost 10% and have an improved dialogue with our clients.  Along with assisting in positioning us to be financially prepared we are now empowered to manage our growth and make sure we are taking good care of customers.

Josh Cyboron


I was struggling to get bills paid on time and invoices out to customers.  I needed help making sure all my administrative needs were covered.  I always had to scramble around tax time to get all the books in order.  All this while still keeping the operation going.  Atlas took on all the financial and administrative aspects of my business and I haven't had to worry about it since.  Invoices go out, payments get collected, bills get paid and I am free to work on my business.

Joe Ostrand


For our small but fast growing business having Atlas on our side provides a scalable solution that has fit our needs very well.  They are a powerful team who are an integral part of our success.

Nick Holladay

Business Development