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Comprehensive Business Solutions to Empower Your Success

Atlas Services Inc.

You started a business to do something you love, something you’re passionate about. Whether it’s to work with your hands, produce something beautiful, or provide a necessary service, chances are you intended for your business to grow. However, with growth comes with an additional burden of new accounting, compliance, training, and HR demands.

We provide our clients with a wide range of administration services, and we can help you do what you do better by freeing up your time, and your employees’ time, to work on what matters most – growing your business. We don’t intend to replace the staff you have, but to provide your employees with the time and resources they need to work more effectively.

Atlas Services was founded by business administration professionals with decades of experience in management, accounting, human resource development, and sales. Individually and together, they have helped dozens of businesses owners scale up, get out from under the flood of paperwork, and focus on what matters most – the work they love.

Our Team

Our Team


Amber Peoples - President/CEO and Majority Owner

Kelly C Headshot-4.jpg

Kelly Cornell - Director of Accounting and Human Resources

Amber started at Atlas Services, shortly after it was formed, in May 2016.  Being hired with a literal sticky note contract (not recommended!), she joined the firm to assist with process improvement and catch up with outstanding client work.  In October 2019, Amber became a partner, and in October 2022 became the majority shareholder.  


Amber’s history spans from being an accounting/HR department of one to being brought in by Private Equity to develop and lead a team of accountants. With an extensive background in accounting, finance and Human Resources, Amber Peoples works with businesses to ensure that they have reliable financial statements and solid employee relations. She has a bachelors in accounting and an MBA from Regis University. 


Amber understands the struggles of having only 24 hours in a single day, as many other small business owners do.  Balancing time with her husband, Allen, of 18 years and three children (22,16 and 15) and a little bit of self-care can be difficult.  Amber has dealt with the anxiety of delegating and understands how difficult it can be at times - this is one of the ways that Amber relates and provides additional support to clients, especially those that are outsourcing for the first time.  

Kelly has a unique background of accounting and human resources.  Kelly is SHRM certified and is the resident expert in regards to all items related to HR.  


Kelly’s focus at Atlas Services is providing support to not only clients in regards to accounting and HR, but also taking care of Atlas Services’ most important resource - our team members.

Accountants and HR Professionals


Our team currently consists of senior and staff accountants and HR professionals.


The team works alongside one another to ensure that all client tasks are handled in the best manner, by the best resource for that task.

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